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The real reason you should wear a watch every day


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Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

Phoebe McDowell, Beauty Editor

Patek Philippe usually leans towards the more traditional designs, which is why this Ellipse is so unique. The unusual case shape is either based on the Golden Ratio, a divine proportion that equates to 1/1.6181 and seen in everything from maths to nature, or on the shape of a US highway junction seen from a plane. Either way, it’s like nothing else.

RRP: £24,480


Chanel Boy.Friend

Sujin MacKeller, global brand director

The Boy.Friend is so quintessentially Chanel. All the Maison’s codes are there. The tension between masculine and feminine; the Place-Vendome inspired case shape; the high-low mix of proprietary beige gold with “everyday wearer” insouciance. It is almost as if Mlle herself created it.

RRP: £11,800

Cartier Tank Louis Cartier


If you’re buying into the legend that is Cartier, it has to be a Tank. It may have slightly dubious origins – its case shape is based on a WWI war machine – but this version worn by Louis Cartier himself and with a seductively slinky rose-gold bracelet is pure sophistication.

RRP: £24,100

Rolex DayDate 36

Naomi Barling, Fashion editor

Just because you’re buying a forever watch, doesn’t mean it should suit your personality. Green is starting to edge out blue as the watch dial colour of choice and when combined with Rolex’s gorgeously luminous yellow gold, it makes for a very nonconformist take on an archetypal design.

RRP: £26,000

Richard Mille RM Marshmallow

Laura McCreddie-Doak, watch editor-at-large

Investment doesn’t always mean opting for the obvious. There are newer brands, such as Richard Mille, who are coming up in the ranks as savvy buys. This RM Marshmallow might not be to everyone’s taste but if you think of it as the horological equivalent of Kathrine Baumann’s Campbell Soup or Coca Cola bottle crystal handbags that now fetch fortunes at Christie’s, it doesn’t seem like such a frivolous purchase.


Dior Grand Bal Wild

Heather Gwyther, acting social media manager

Dior has been shaking up the watch world with its couture-inspired creations since the first Grand Bal collection in 2011. Every timepiece features a dial-side rotor designed to mimic the swish of Christian Dior’s famed ball gowns and is adorned with everything from shimmering net to peacock feathers. It proves mechanics don’t always have to be masculine.

RRP: £24,600

Lotte Jeffs is the author of How To Be A Gentlewoman

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