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Hot Stones: Jewellery For The Crystal Curious

The trend for communing with crystals isn’t going to go away any time soon. Here’s why it matters and how you can overcome your crystal curiosity.


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Miranda Kerr keeps them in her bra, Adele used them to combat her stage fright and Victoria Beckham never goes anywhere without her particular favourite, black obsidian, in her handbag. In fact, you probably couldn’t go to any after-party worth its sustainable cocktail menu without running into a conversation about crystals.

What used to be the preserve of women with a prevalence of hemp in their wardrobe is one of the hottest trends of the last five years. The hashtag #crystals brings up 13m posts and counting on Instagram; they are made into lamps, ‘vaginal eggs’ (thank you Gwyneth…) and face massagers. Crystal water-bottle brand Glacce was even set up so you can imbibe their powers through your drinking water.

“Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth,” says Semra Haksever, eclectic witch and BURO.’s very own crystal correspondent. “They are minerals that are formed underground and as they grow, they connect with different energetic properties and elements from the earth’s core; they all carry their own magical vibrations. They are nature and nature is magic. If you can't see that in life you are missing out!”


Haksever believes that our current fascination with crystals and their healing, or energy enhancing, properties is because, as everything seems to be going down the proverbial pan, finding connection has never been more important.

“Humans crave connection,” she explains. “We used to have this connection in a church, but religion is very outdated and can seem a little rigid for those of us seeking spirituality. So, we turn back to nature and Mother Earth is an amazing way for us to connect.”

“Crystals are very personal, the powerful ones are the ones that you are drawn to”

Serma Haksever

If you’re crystal curious, knowing where to start can seem daunting as there is almost a stone for every occasion. However, Haksever says the simplest way to follow your instincts.

“Crystals are very personal, the powerful ones are the ones that you are drawn to,” she says. “Sometimes you might go to buy a particular one to help with a certain part of your life but be side-tracked by another and that’s how you will make the most of a crystal’s energy – by letting it choose you.

“For example, you may go to buy a citrine for financial assistance, but be drawn to a carnelian, which is great for banishing self-sabotage and energising you; things you need assistance with to gain more prosperity. So, it’s very important to let your intuition connect with the vibrational frequency that they are emitting.”

It’s not just your energies crystals can help with, when that pesky Mercury goes into retrograde, causing its usual havoc (next occurrence will be June 18-July 12, if you want to put it in the diary) choosing the right stone can help divert some of that chaos.

“Mercury is the planet of communication. So, when it is in retrograde it is not there to keep the other planets in check, so everything can go a little cray cray. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, delays, hold ups,” says Haksever. “I highly recommend black tourmaline for mercury retrograde. It has a strong masculine energy. I like to think of it as a sexy bodyguard – big muscles; cool, calm and collected, and watching out for you at all times.”

If you’d like to know what other stones have got your back, here are the most popular crystals and some fabulous ways to wear them.


what's it for?

This is a stabiliser – it helps restore vitality and motivation as well as stimulating creativity, giving your sense of courage a boost and getting rid of any apathy; all of which is a motivator for success.

How to wear it

Keep it in your sights with this bracelet from Piaget.

piaget rose gold carnelian

PIAGET Possession 18-karat rose gold, carnelian and diamond bracelet, £1110


what's it for?

If you’re in need of some wealth, prosperity and success with a soupçon of self-confidence (and who isn’t?) then this is what you need in your crystal arsenal. It is also said to raise your self-esteem, which is probably a natural side effect of all that prosperity and success.

How to wear it

Boldly, like someone with a lot of composure; which is exactly what this Rosa de La Cruz ring exudes.


ROSA DE LA CRUZ Citrine, ebony & 18kt gold ring, £2220

Black tourmaline

what's it for?

Haksever calls it your sexy crystal bodyguard because it repels and protects against any negativity. Rather like being in the vicinity of a strong male presence, it also stabilises emotions and boosts physical vitality.

How to wear it

Close to your heart, of course. And accompanied by lots of premium quality De Beers diamonds.


DE BEERS Enchanted Lotus 18ct white-gold, diamond and tourmaline reversible pendan, £2200

Rose quartz

what's it for?

Kind of the basic bitch of the crystal world, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it especially when it is the stone that encourages unconditional love, opens your heart and promotes such loveliness as feelings of inner peace and self-love.

How to wear it

Keep it simple and opt for a delicate gold chain, like this from Melissa Joy Manning


MELISSA JOY MANNING 14-karat gold rose quartz necklace, £880


what's it for?

Another one for when Mercury is messing up the calendar, moonstone is the crystal for new beginnings. It helps to sooth stress, keeps those emotions on an even keel and even enhances your intuition.

How to wear it

It makes sense to surround a moon (stone) with (diamond) stars, which is exactly what this gorgeous ring from Carrie Elizabeth does. There’s even a white topaz in there for extra healing and happiness.


carrie elizabeth 14k Solid Gold Luna Statement Ring In Moonstone & Diamond, £800

Semra haksever mama moon book of magic

Want to know more?

Serma Haksever has a book coming out on March 16 called Mama Moon’s Book of Magic: A Life-Changing Guide to Spells, Crystals, Mainfestations and Living a Magical Existence (RRP: £15). Buy now and prepare to unleash your inner Sabrina.

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