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Especially when you can just make a pair with another single earring


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When you're used to earrings being in pairs, single ones can be hard to adjust to. They should be kept in pairs to save the single ones the awful pain of being alone, you declare. You are certainly not paying for one earring when you ought to be getting two for that price, you mumble. Listen, being a single earring does not imply death by solitude. Maybe some earrings like being single. They exist without the fear that their companion might one day fall off an earlobe never to be found again. Or the worry that a solitary missing gemstone could render them completely incompatible. Some single earrings might not even wish to call themselves single, but ‘self-partnered’. Those earrings are particularly invested in their own spiritual, emotional and intellectual development on a longterm basis - a project that’s a lot easier to manage without pondering how long it will be until their double is caught in an uncompromising position with a floorboard.

Indeed, a single earring won’t even necessarily be alone. If they choose, they can be constantly surrounded by a whole host of friends - necklaces, bracelets, rings - that bring with them an abundance of excitement and support. Furthermore, they won’t even necessarily be romantically alone. Being born single allows them to find the partner that truly completes them, rather than settle for the partner that merely copies them. Maybe that partner will be another naturally single earring, but it could also be one that came to be single by accident and was roaming the earth pining for a second chance at love until they found them.

But even if single earrings do find partners that complete them, who’s to say that the search for new experiences with different earrings is not in fact eternal? Maybe some of these will fancy each other:

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