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If you follow Diet Prada on Instagram, you may have seen one of their latest posts about Bottega Veneta. Its focus? A very expensive beaded necklace. But despite the criticism levelled at its price, we still found ourselves somewhat enamored with it. And all other beaded jewellery, for that matter. But it hasn’t always been this way. While we’ve been obsessed with things like gold hoop earrings and initial necklaces for a while now, beaded jewellery has been overlooked. And although it may not possess the glamour of art deco pieces or the might of a signet ring, it does tend to trump both in one area: fun.

For Helle Vestergaard Poulsen, founder of Anni Lu, it’s “the endless variation in colour, shape and look [that] makes [beaded jewellery] the most playful kind of jewellery.” With this, comes “a natural feeling of uniqueness,” she continues. It’s “the perfect personal jewellery.”

The personal element of beaded jewellery is what also appeals to jewellery designer Helena Thulin: there is a “personal bond with a piece that has been made by hand,” she explains. Indeed, the very first foray into jewellery for many of us probably didn’t feature diamonds or even silver, but beads. “What I feel people like in my jewellery is also how it reminds them of personal childhood leisures,” says Helena. In adulthood, it’s perfecting her beading technique that’s enabled her to elevate common materials into luxury pieces of jewellery for her eponymous brand.

So why is beaded jewellery regaining popularity now? “With all that is happening in the world at the moment I believe we all want to have a little fun and wear pieces that remind us of better days,” says Xeni Kouveli, art director of Hermina Athens. And we couldn’t agree more. Now all there is to decide is the best piece of beaded jewellery for you.

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