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When it comes to personality wrists, no bracelet need not apply. Here, our edit of the most smart and stackable right now.


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How many bracelets do you own? A lot, of course you do. And would you wear them altogether? Not quite? To hazard a guess, you’re convinced it will make you look as if you’re 17, and coming to the end of a summer comprising a festival, a fling from which you were gifted a ‘promise’ bracelet, and a tax rebate from which you gifted yourself a Hermès Clic Clac bangle. (Ok, maybe not 17.) Yes, it’s a little eclectic, but that’s not shorthand for jumbled, because eclectic can be curated, too.

The common denominator of the best stacked wrists is personality. Day to day, you needn’t be strict about chromatic colour schemes, or relegate silver in order to promote gold, white gold, yellow gold - whichever gold. Mix metals and materials, because some of fashion’s most forward-thinking wrists are just as likely to be decked in enamel and string as they are precious metals. Part responsible for the former is the rainbow-tiled jewellery designer Roxanne Assoulin, who says bracelets should be nothing more than an ‘uncomplicated indulgence’.

The common denominator of the best stacked wrists is personality.

If, however, an outfit (or occasion) calls for something more considered, go down the fine jewellery route. Fine not only in calibre, but also in appearance. Mixing slight and subtle bracelets to make a lively, littered wrist, is really quite fun, and it is then that your stack will scream you, and not the brands in question. That said, being inherently associated with say, Jessica McCormack and Jennifer Meyer, is no bad thing.

When it comes to fit, ask yourself whether you mind them sliding up your forearm, or if you prefer them to sit snug on your wrist. Top (albeit obvious) tip: if you’re an expressive gesticulator, skip anything with charm-like appendages, because there’s nothing like incessant jangling to irk otherwise silent colleagues.

Reader, go forth and stack.

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