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Becoming Undone: How to untangle the layered necklace look

Stay untangled in the layered necklace game


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Yes, your necklace count is way above the layering limit and your battle with the morning rush to work does not mix well with all the inevitable untangling. You have tried the whole minimal approach, one dainty necklace with a single pendant - but it is just not for you. 

With brands like Annina Vogel, Foundrae and Bee Goddess offering the perfect vintage trinkets and autobiographical necklaces, personality is now king. The question of mixing gold and silver is long gone – it’s all about storytelling with your pieces, so no rules on mixing materials or price points. Here are some expert tips on the art of layering necklaces.

Top tips of layering necklaces

  1. Find your centrepiece. This is the necklace all others will revolve around and gives you an anchor to know how long or short the accompanying ones need to be to avoid constant contact.
  2. To avoid tangles go for different weights and chains. This will mean they move in different ways and fall differently, limiting collision damage. Varying length chains are also important for creating depth and making sure all the necklaces can be seen. Think a chunky pave chain next to a more delicate diamond tennis choker with a long pendant hanging beneath them all.
  3. Lay your necklaces out flat or hang them at the end of each day, ready for the morning.

"I always design jewellery to be layered together, creating an outfit shouldn't just be for clothes, it's for jewellery as well. That is one of the main appeals of our Liberté, Égalité, Feminité collection, all of the pieces look so beautiful worn together. I love to mix and match my fine and fashion jewellery - I think the contrast draws the eye in and enhances each piece. It's definitely important to play around with different lengths within layering. For example I like to wear my Precious Pubis necklace with my Belle de Nuit Choker as they're different levels. Equally, they have a wonderful symmetry of colour as they're both made from onyx stone.” - Anissa Kermiche

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