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Your necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings all deserve a proper place to call home


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Perhaps we’ve been too distracted by other homewares to notice them, but jewellery boxes appear to be on the decline. Jewellery these days is strewn on bedside tables. Left in lovers’ beds so that they can be contacted again under the guise that this is solely for its retrieval. Placed anywhere, in fact, that’s not a jewellery box.

Maybe it’s because jewellery boxes make light work for burglars. It’s a reasonable fear, but not one we wish to dwell on. What’s actually more terrifying is having loads of lovely jewellery that you don’t have a proper home for. Without a proper home, jewellery is easily misplaced. And while there’s no shame in being a single earring, sometimes it’s just nicer for earrings to be together in their rightful pairs.

Technically, you can house jewellery in anything. A drawer! Some tupperware! The fridge! But as ingenious as these solutions may seem in desperate times, a jewellery box will always be better – they’ve simply got more charm than your average storage solution.

Aside from misplacement, another risk of not using a jewellery box is entanglement. Not the salacious and entertaining – if it’s happening to someone else – sort of course, but the tangible and infuriating kind. There is no greater agony than attempting to untangle jewellery. A jewellery box with a necklace hanger eliminates the need to ever endure that sorry task again. If you’re more concerned about what other people’s fingers might do with regards to your jewellery, you can also get jewellery boxes with locks. And there are glass jewellery boxes if you’d sooner flaunt your collection than hide it.

What we’re basically trying to say is that there are a lot of jewellery boxes out there. If you’re lucky enough to receive jewellery for Christmas, it deserves a proper place to call home – a jewellery box, in other words.

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