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There’s no superior symbol for matters of love than a heart. But heart-shaped jewellery? As we edge towards Valentine’s Day? That’s a cliché. Indeed, some people might go so far as to call it naff. And maybe it is. But perhaps the greatest lesson you can learn in this instance is not to care. Love is love, after all. If heart-shaped jewellery is your thing, then so be it.

And, with so many iterations available, why wouldn’t it be? There are heart necklaces. Heart earrings. Heart bracelets. Heart rings. Even heart toe rings. But they’re a waste of time in winter – especially when you can’t get a pedicure.

“The heart shape is like two lovers embracing – delicately intertwined, as in a Rodin sculpture," says Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff, of their Spiral Heart pendant. To us, this signifies one thing: the problem people have with heart-shaped jewellery probably has something to do with the problem they have with love. This is totally understandable. Love stings. It has no sense of decorum. And the search for it can be a chore. But that doesn’t mean it should be denounced entirely. To denounce love would be to denounce heart-shaped jewellery, and that would be a tragedy for your jewellery box. We would also be annoyed that we went to the trouble of gathering the best heart-shaped jewellery available to buy online now only for you to reject it without even looking at it, but that’s a different issue.

Then again, maybe you wouldn’t have a problem with heart jewellery if it was slightly more literal – if it depicted an actual heart as opposed to just a heart shape. Bjorg Jewellery do exactly that in a ring. But we still think you should also embrace heart-shaped jewellery, however.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who embrace heart-shaped jewellery and those who embrace heart-shaped jewellery only.