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Earrings have literally been a thing since the dawn of civilisation. Who knows, perhaps Eve herself was wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings when she ate the forbidden fruit and thus established Hoop Earring Theory alongside all other forms of misogyny.

More memorable than studs, but less ostentatious than statement earrings, gold – and silver – hoop earrings are probably (if you like using this sort of language) the most essential piece of jewellery you can own. This of course excludes anything resembling a medical ID bracelet. While gold hoop earrings can be anything from small to large or something to something else, their appeal is universal – you just have to find the perfect pair to realise it.

That perfect pair could, of course, be perfect pairs. In fact this is the approach we recommend when it comes to gold hoop earrings. Why limit yourself to one pair when you could own several? The kind that you picture in your head are probably like those from Wolf & Gypsy – rounded, modestly sized – but gold hoop earrings can be as diverse as any other type of jewellery. Take the pair by Simon Miller – which are assembled with gold beads instead of a single piece of metal – or the unconventional T-shape of those from Tiffany & Co. They’re not always solid gold either, with gold-plated and gold-vermeil probably being more common. Other gold hoop earrings aren’t even strictly circular (the ones we've picked from Orelia are oval), and a few of them (Messika and Lily & Roo, for example) even feature diamonds – or, as Graff would have it, are faceted to evoke the silhouette of a diamond. Ultimately, however, there are enough out there to keep you excited for life.

So how are we wearing ours this season? With a roll neck, black trousers, a trench coat and ankle boots. Simple but effective, just like a pair of gold hoop earrings themselves. Never let them go.

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