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Can we have a huggie?


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To say the very least, this year has been emotionally draining. That’s to be expected when, at times, any inkling of hope or joy has appeared to be held far from reach. However long it takes for coronavirus to be a thing of the past as opposed to a reality of the present, we are all in constant need of one thing: emotional support – there’s nothing quite like it.

Whether you get yours from friends, family, romantic relationships, therapy accounts on Instagram or something else entirely, you may not have survived this weird period of time – or even life in general – in its absence.

But what about our jewellery boxes? Could emotional support be found in those? Perhaps, if that’s where you want to find it. And in that case, huggie hoop earrings may be exactly what you’re searching for.

Maybe you pledge your allegiance to gold hoop earrings; maybe you prefer silver ones. Then there are glass earrings and single earrings to contend with. Ultimately, the hunt for steadfast earrings can feel overwhelming. While most are worn to be displayed ostentatiously on the ear, huggies enclose earlobes with minimal fanfare and total security. You might even forget you have them on. Wherever you go, however, there they’ll be – making you look considered on the worst of days.

Like typical emotional support, the perfect huggies vary according to the wearer’s needs. Someone who was keen to support small businesses might find joy in a pair by Florence Dickens, for example. Or Orelia could be a godsend for anyone wanting to save money. Likewise, Theodora Warre would be perfect for those who like their huggies with a side of pink sapphire.

Either way, ask us for a hug and we’ll give you two – one in each ear. Now that's emotional support.