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“I fell in love with glass because of its ability to be both bold and barely there at the same time — both minimalist and maximalist. Transparent hand-shaped glass has a visual quality of being frozen in time, looking like it might melt at any moment.” These are the words of Annika Inez - a Swedish jewellery designer based in New York - and if you see any of her glass pieces yourself, you’ll be just as mesmerised.

While the idea of wearing pieces of glass suspended so far from the ground doesn't seem particularly wise, these pieces are made specifically from borosilicate glass. Incorporating boron trioxide and silica, borosilicate glass is stronger than (but just as light as) ordinary glass and therefore less likely to shatter - a relief if you’ve not been doing your earlobe exercises lately.

Borosilicate glass aside, Annika Inez also makes jewellery that is gold-filled as opposed to gold-plated. This type of gold is made by heat-bonding a solid sheet of gold to a core of brass rather than just dipping the brass in gold. The result is pieces with a greater gold content than gold-plated - or even vermeil - jewellery. Of course, the silver Annika Inez uses is sterling silver. Consisting of 92.5% silver, sterling silver is the strongest alloy of silver. The 7.5% portion of non-silver is to improve its durability.

But whether it’s glass, gold or silver (and whatever type of glass, gold or silver that is), it’s beautiful jewellery and - sometimes - that’s all that matters.


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