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To do lists of successful women


The to do list. We’ve all made one, we’ve all failed to complete one. Let Keri Perkins show you how she does hers.


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Before Keri Perkins was a yoga teacher, she was the head of PR and communications at Nando’s, where she masterminded the money-can't-buy loyalty card famed among celebrities. Things now are slower, but no less spicy, as a master of Hatha Yoga and the founder of We Are Boogie Sound. Fast-paced and dynamic, her classes satisfy those who dismiss yoga in pursuit of a bigger and better endorphin rush - and more sweat. Often accompanied by live music, Perkins’ practice is all that and then some. 

Keri, over to you.

How do you document your list?

Oh my phone mostly, but I do love a Moleskine notebook which I always take to meetings and use to jot down and develop creative ideas. I also try to make gratitude lists; a friend calls it the gratitude tap. I find writing them really helps when you feel like things are not happening the way you think they should, or if you find yourself comparing your achievements to other people's. I start with small things like 'I'm so grateful I can buy this cappuccino from my local cafe.’ Noticing and appreciating the small things allows the gratitude tap to keep flowing.


What do you like about writing a to-do list?

It's so useful when I'm feeling overwhelmed. When things are listed, I can look at them way more objectively, and there's such a sense of satisfaction when I start to cross things off. It also helps me decide what I need to prioritise and delegate, which can be tricky - or often impossible - when you work alone, but I ask friends and family to support me when I really need. 

Would you describe yourself as a multi-hyphenate?

I think so, yes. Different from multitasking which I've come to realise is rarely beneficial or effective. I like to allow myself the freedom to create and express my various sides. So while I’m a yoga teacher who loves the physical and spiritual side of the practice, I also like to put my business hat on once in a while, which involves communications and consultancy for brands.

How do you know when to say no to an opportunity?

This can be challenging especially when opportunities seem scarce (i.e now), but I have a checklist, and if the project doesn’t tick it, then I’m out. Is it aligned with my values? Am I going to enjoy the work? Am I getting fairly rewarded for my work? It’s important to remember this isn’t always financial remuneration.

As your own boss, how do you motivate yourself?

It’s hard, but I’m passionate. I try to practice what I preach in that when I get stressed or worried, I practice yoga or breathing exercises. I do miss being a part of a big team that’s bursting with creative ideas, but it forces me to get more creative. At the beginning - especially now - there’s always going to be that feeling of an uphill struggle. I try to keep to a strict routine, so I can map out my week, for example on Tuesday I do all my invoices.

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