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A writer has her aura read by Emma Lucy Knowles and finds out


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Things that wouldn’t exactly be described as scientific excite me. I know the astrological sign - and sometimes whole natal chart - of everyone I’ve slept with. If I could remember any of my dreams, there would be a dream dictionary permanently at my bedside. When I was asked if I wanted an aura reading done by Emma Lucy Knowles - the intuitive clairvoyant and crystal healer who’d advised women to place tiger’s eye in their bras to promote confidence on dates during a national TV appearance - I was ecstatic. Despite my enduring interest in things like astrology, the concept of auras had evaded me. To my understanding, an aura was something I’d stumble across on thesaurus.com when trying to find a word to describe the ‘feel’ of something. The prospect of getting my aura read by someone who’d written a book on the subject (You Are A Rainbow: Essential Auras) was even more appealing than final confirmation of a sexual partner's specific time of birth.

what is an aura?

An aura is said to be the coloured emanation that surrounds individuals and indicates all levels of their wellbeing. “Our aura’s made up of seven layers and then some - it’s huge. And it changes every day,” Emma tells me over Zoom. "The first layer is the physical plane which is the auric level that tells us how our physical body is doing, so if you’re injured that’s resonating in that physical plane, but equally if you’re an athlete you’ve got an amazingly strong physical plane.” The second layer is “where we hold our emotions, so if you feel sad or happy, that is dancing within that energy field.” The third one is associated with our beliefs: “If you believe that you’re joyful and spirited, that energy is vibing on that frequency. If you believe that you are cold and ugly, again, it’s vibing and flowing in that stream.” The fourth is “about your heart, so what your heart feels and how open your heart is.” The fifth is “about your voice and the words you speak yourself.” After that, “there are layers that connect us more to spirit.”

“Every single thing - even if they're not associated - starts to build this kind of costume, this fabric of who you are,” says Emma. “Each of those layers have a frequency and if one’s out of sync per se - so if you do have poor beliefs about yourself - that’s going to keep rolling through even if you’ve got the most open heart.” Ultimately, each of these layers hold a colour. While "no colour is bad, what is good is the vibrancy of the colour." If the colour is "really pure and vibrant that means you’re in a clear frequency - so the tone of your energy is really clear - if it’s duller or there’s patches of murkiness within it, that means there’s some work to be done within that colour."


what happens in an aura reading?

The night prior to the session with Emma, I'd been excitedly telling my friends about it. Most of them wondered if it being on Zoom - rather than in person - would render it ineffective. Apparently not. If you've ever dabbled in yoga or meditation, an aura reading won't feel too unfamiliar. Emma tells me to sit with my legs uncrossed and palms facing upwards. As per her instruction, I close my eyes and began to breathe deeply. Constantly guided, I sink into the sensations of the experience. Before it ends, Emma softly warns me that "ego will try to distract you with unkind words, with its sense of normality, but with every breath - even if you don’t quite believe - just allow yourself to sense it," that "all-seeing, all-sensing, all-feeling part of yourself." I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Tingling, I open my eyes.

what does an AURA reading reveal AND DOES IT MAKE SENSE?

So it turns out that, as well as being a Libra rising with Scorpio sun and moon, I am also - at least in this moment - "predominantly very pink" with a "wonderful wave of sunshine yellow" upon a black background. What on earth does that mean? "You’ve got this huge pink light pouring through your aura and that’s all about your heart blooming. Even though it feels like sometimes it’s breaking, I know it's not just broken," explains Emma. "Pinkness has this really beautiful childlike quality that makes us feel very vulnerable and when we feel vulnerable it’s very easy to feel agitated about things," she adds. The yellow is "all about power and generosity". The black is "sexy because it's mysterious". Anything else? "You hold such presence that sometimes when there’s bullshit going on, before you’ve been like “I want to fix it” whereas now you’re in this state of “fuck that”," states Emma. As someone who made a hobby of drama for years, only to wake up one day - after a year of therapy - rather disinterested in it and its associates, this made sense. Beyond being "sexy" and "mysterious", black is "protective". Who knows, maybe that's why I'm so attached to all-black outfits as a remedy for my social anxiety.

WHAT now?

Bringing all of this more confidently into your life is not necessarily about "wearing a shitload of pink," laughs Emma. "You could put pink on your screensaver" or "place yellow in your home". I tell Emma that I feel the "sexy energy" of my aura is somewhat of a hoax. "You’re burying it and you’re supressing it, but you've got to be loyal to those parts within yourself now," Emma advises. "No one’s going to walk up to you and go “You’ve got a sexy energy, do this with it!” All you have to do is be willing to explore that energy, so a mediation on that could be ‘I focus on awakening that powerful presence within my energy, I focus on that black passionate light’ - it’s all in the feeling rather than the seeing with these things." For Emma, accessing your aura also has its advantages for specific occasions: “You see people spending hours getting ready for a night out and actually the thing that can make you the most beautiful is if you spent at least ten of those minutes just plugging into your energy: Where am I at? What do I want to put out there tonight? Where do I feel like I need to protect myself and where do I feel like I’m really ready to open up?”

Still unsure about it all? Do it anyway. As Emma says, "the universe adores a trier."

Interested in getting a reading done by Emma yourself? Find out more via her website

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