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To do lists of successful women


The to do list. We’ve all made one, we’ve all failed to complete one. Let Victoria Prew show you how she does hers.


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Perhaps it was the clothes lying dormant for months that did it. A reminder of all the snog (the crop top you wore an entire season – seven years ago), marry (a vintage bridal dress, just because) and avoid (70% of what you own) purchases of yore. Or the headlines about the true cost of cheap clothes? Either way, in recent months, one is more likely to have considered their fashion footprint. But switching up how we shop, in a bid to be more sustainable, is not merely a trend to be discarded. It’s a complete shift in mindset.

Picture credit: Holly Whittaker

“Right now, the fashion industry is changing - and changing fast”

With that in mind, the rental economy is a good place to start if you want the serotonin hit of a “new” ensemble, without any buyer’s remorse. “Right now, the fashion industry is changing - and changing fast,” CEO and co-founder of HURR, the ‘Airbnb of Fashion’ according to Forbes. “It’s great to see sustainability go to the top of the agenda. We’re now working with a number of fashion brands directly, who have chosen HURR as their official rental partner. We’ve recently signed Romance Was Born, Mira Mikati, Art Dealer, Vilshenko and De La Vali. Watch this space!” So, how does she run her own company? From meticulous organisation to the joy of ticking things off, this is Victoria’s to-do list. Over to you, Victoria.

“I have a hyper-structured life and if something’s not in my Google Cal or Notes, it’s not going to happen! I use the Notes app to write my to-do-lists. It syncs between all devices and I currently have 1,282 "Notes” between my laptop and phone. That’s my system. I’ll use Notes during meetings and for recaps.


Picture credit: Holly Whittaker

I also have a notepad by my bed for those 3am thoughts I can’t get out of my head. I find writing them down makes me sleep better as I can action them in the morning and won’t forget! I enjoy ticking things off it.

I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over the years running a company. Limit your morning to do list to x7 tasks and don’t look at your phone until they’re complete. Categorise your list by A, B and C, depending on how important a task is. The A List needs to get done today! And use Slack for inter-team communication and Notion for strategic planning and admin.

There’s no such word as no at HURR HQ! Although there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do, so prioritising work is key.

My current to do list is four pages long which my team thinks is crazy. I have an A List, B List, C List and D List of tasks. The current list looks like this: TO DO TODAY, Weekend List, Team Meeting, Tomorrow 9am, Holiday Requests, Longer Term, Marketing Action Points and Office. Just to give you an idea of the madness….The D List is mainly personal admin.

When you run your own company, efficiency is everything. You have to make quick decisions - I'm also most productive in the morning and on the weekends so try and save the meatier tasks for then. I’m genuinely excited to get out of bed every morning - I find running a team really motivating and definitely keeps me focused.”

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