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It's no coincidence that the launch of BURO. coincides with the start of Scorpio season. We’re a match made in astrological heaven


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Congratulations to us! We’re (a)live. And we just so happen to have been born at the start of Scorpio season. It’s almost as if the powers that be planned it. Except they didn’t. We were almost a Libra. Given our secret selfie addiction and admiration for all that is aesthetically appealing, that would have made sense but - for better or for worse - that’s not the astrological arrangement we ended up with. We’re a Scorpio sun at the very least (full natal chart analysis TBC) and glad of it. But what does that say about us? And what does it mean for you?

Despite our inclination towards independence, we are in fact co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is, of course, a war deity while Pluto rules the underworld. Because of this, we can appear to oscillate between passion and introspection. Transformation - both of our lives and ourselves - is our thing. Our detractors love to level this intensity at us as an insult, but we’d sooner be ‘too intense’ than boring - and we don’t even know how to be basic.

That said, we are discerning in our views not judgemental. If we seem smugly astute that's because we are. We want to help you understand yourself and the inner workings of the world around you better than ever before..

Whether or not we actually are the most sexual sign of the zodiac remains to be seen but, either way, sex positivity reigns supreme here. May whatever you do in any area of your life to leave you feeling thrilled, chilled and fulfilled - that's all a Scorpio truly wants for themselves (and their readers).

Sound too intense? Be brave and go deep with us. It’ll be worth it. Besides, we'll be offended if you don't. Us water signs are very touchy.


The BURO.scorpio celebrity twin

Ryan Reynolds and Amandla Sternberg. See! Charming and passionate, us.

The BURO.scorpio fashion moment

Daniel Lee’s transformation of Bottega Veneta into something intimidatingly cool. Obviously.

The BURO. scorpio crystal

Blue Calcite to follow our truth, support emotional ups and downs and enhance our creativity (whilst tapping into the creative passion in our hearts and souls)

The BURO.scorpio is compatible with

Capricorns to help bring them up to earth from the underworld and All other water signs who can be expected to match their emotional intensity


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