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Meet Tom, the CrossFitter. You probably already know him, or someone like him, at least


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We’re a society obsessed with wellness, which let’s face it, can be exhausting. Just when you think you’re up to date, your friend/ colleague/ Instagram feed (delete as appropriate) proves you otherwise. In this, People Like Us - a snippet of social satire - we take on the diet, fitness, and wellness trends that are pedalled by, well, people like us.

How do you know Tom does CrossFit? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you, and with evangelical enthusiasm. On the off-chance he doesn’t, you’ll glean it from muscles so robust, his shirt appears to be painted on. He’s never not without food. Lunch comes from a Tupperware that looks suspiciously like the meal he ate yesterday – and the day before that – but sweet treats figure heavily too, which is what happens when you eviscerate the calories of one Krispy Kreme in a single kipping pull-up. Unsurprisingly, he breezed through The Open, and is grunting his way to regionals. His WOD (workout of the day – c’mon, guys) takes place at 5am, often outside, sometimes in minus-4. He could train indoors at 7am, but nothing good ever comes from staying in your comfort zone, people.


It’s a functional fitness franchise that involves high-intensity elements of cardio, weight lifting and core training. Think obvious moves like press-ups, sit ups and sprints, but peppered with gymnastic elements such as handstands, headstands and pistols, weightlifting stuff like clean and press, and World’s Strongest Man undertakings like tyre flipping. It’s varied and inclusive, with the aim of helping everyone reach optimum fitness. Crucially, there’s no gym, just a ‘black space’ with a lot of equipment, and there are no mirrors, because it’s all about your performance, and not how you look.

Wanna be more like Tom?

If only for the donuts? Ok, and the professionally good body. Find you nearest CrossFit here.

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