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We Are BURO: A Manifesto (of sorts)

Let us introduce ourselves - BURO’s new London home is live and ready to welcome you in.


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Hello and welcome to BURO. We’re waving frantically at you from behind your screen.

For the uninitiated, well done for ending up here with no prior knowledge - let this be the start of a fortuitous meeting of minds. We’d like to think we’ve got you cracked, and that we’ll be able to service you in a way that the British government never will.

We are a digital destination from which you can expect quality over quantity and a different kind of view. Our mission, across everything from fashion and beauty, careers and culture, and travel and experience, is to make you smile. Ok, and shop, but that’s conducive to smiling. We’re ideators and storytellers, whether we’re talking about Prada or a Pulitzer. We want to enhance everything from your wardrobe to your weekend, and all the dinner party conversations in between.

We’re also rooted in luxury, but not in a profligate champagne spray kinda way, merely in a you do you way. Because luxury means a load of different things to a similar bunch of people, and whilst we’re not casting dispersions on anyone else's interpretation, ours is through the lens of experience and feeling. We want to make you feel understood, seen and serviced. Right? Consider it done.

About Us


BURO.beauty is digital beauty 3.0. It's a personal, indulgent approach to the best hair, makeup, fragrance and skincare knowledge, thriving in its natural habitat; Online. Please come in, make yourself at home, help yourself to the products.


BURO.fashion is style finessed for the digital age. A curated shopping edit that redefines the concept of clickbait. Visual storytelling and articles that actually mean something - it's as idiosyncratic as you are.


BURO.experience is all about the good life. Anticipate the best in travel, in going out, in food, in drinking, in fun with a capital F


BURO.success wants nothing but the best for you. How do we navigate the world to our advantage? What can we do to ensure our emotional wellbeing? Who is 'Impostor Syndrome'? All answers can be found within - this is a meeting actually worth going to.


BURO.culture is here to entertain you. Think books, film, podcasts, tech, TV and art. All read, watched and observed with an omniscient eye.


Here at BURO.Watches & Jewellery we encourage our audience to accessorise unashamedly. Easy, really, given the superlative selection. You'll never look at your phone to tell the time again.



Q. What is BURO.?

A. Just a super fast download of considered material to fuel your conversations, curate your weekend, spark your mind, (then soothe it), inspire your wishlist and set your thoughts on fire.

Q. Am I saying it right?

A. You say potarto we say potato. You say burrow, we say bureau. Burrow, bew-row, burrow, be-you-roe, let’s call the whole thing off. No, wait, come back! We were only messing, you can call us whatever you want to call us. (But it’s pronounced bureau, FYI)

Q. What’s with the DOT?

Just like Chiari Ferragni had two custom Dior wedding dresses, BURO. has two logos, OK? The DOT is a throwback to our origination. It’s the heritage piece that represents our... Um, it’s like the…. Is it the O filled in? Is it a full stop? We’ll get back to you on that. (*Boss? Boss I have a question*)

Q. Will I ever be the same again?

A. Unequivocally no way. When your human eye processes our pixels you will experience neural acrobatics. You will form the kind of instant attachment to this unique digital destination that scientists are still struggling to understand. So see you tomorrow then, yeah?

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