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Crystals Correspondent

Your Crystal Prescription: Bonfire Night

Our crystals correspondent prescribes the perfect antidote to the secondary stress of bonfire night. Thus healing the nations hearts.


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News just in: it’s cold outside. Wonderfully so, if you’re as into sweater weather as we are, but in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s November now. The official turning of autumn into winter, the season of frosty breathing and sweating in layers on the tube, of PSL and JOMO. But, *sniffs the air*, there’s a lingering aroma of... what is that? Gunpowder? Ah yes, gunpowder, tinged with discontent. For this is the time of year pet owners experience a specific kind of anxiety. While the rest of the nation enjoys their fireworks with the traditional ‘OOHs’ and ‘AAHs’ of appreciation, pet owners use 'OOPHs' and 'ARGHs' as they experience what can only be described as anxiety-anxiety. A double whammy of your emotional response (distress) anticipating your pets emotional response (distress).

This bonfire night make sure your beloved animals are safe, content, in a quiet space with the company of their favourite humans and some crystals you can both benefit from. Yes, really.

Today's crystal prescription is to banish unease, because frequent BOOMs should not equal certain doom.

“Apache Tears come from Obsidian crystals and are great for relieving stress and anxiety and clearing negative emotions. While Obsidians are better for humans, the apache tears are particularly powerful and calming for animals. If your pet will wear a few in a pouch around their neck, great. If you’re a cat owner however, you’ll know better than to even try this, just put a few in their bed instead. Or, even better, hold them in your hand while you stroke your pet”

Semra @mammamooncandles is an eclectic witch and BURO.crystal expert


How to calm your pets during fireworks, by the RSPCA

  1. Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks
  2. Cover cages with blankets and provide bedding small animals can burrow in
  3. Put on some music or TV to mask the firework sounds
  4. Create a quiet space where your pet can feel in control
  5. Create some hiding places around your home

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