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We’re Loving Angel Readings Instead

This is your chance at some spiritual downtime


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Whether through memes or existential curiosity, mystic pursuits have never been so mainstream. We harass our parents for our precise birth time (because knowing your rising sign is the pinnacle of self-awareness), ‘manifest’ our desires through either meditation or visualisation (which - to some of us - resembles staring at the ceiling and Pinterest) and agonise over whether or not to visit a Psychic in case they reveal that something remotely negative might happen to us at some point in the future. But as our spiritual arsenal increases, so does our ability for personal discernment: Does astrology make too many assumptions? Where’s the sense in manifestation when you don’t actually know what you want? Is there even a point in having an insight into your future? Are you still with us? Whatever your opinion on such things, mystic pursuits are empowering because knowledge is always power. Even if that knowledge looks like placing black obsidian under your pillow to release yourself from resentment or scanning the natal chart of someone you fancy as an essential risk assessment.

Empowerment is a battle though and battles can be exhausting - wounding even. Sometimes, we just want to be cared for (especially in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic). Angel cards connect us to the energies of angelic beings that really just want to cuddle humanity into contentment. Decks vary in terms of words and imagery but readings have more to do with the interaction of energies (think ‘vibes’) than the overt symbolism of something like Tarot. But what can angel readings actually help with? Well, cynics, there are in fact six things: reflection (awareness of our divine selves), partnership (spiritual growth in relationships) , integration (harmony between mind, body and soul), alignment (the search for meaningful work), rejuvenation (acceptance and celebration of life’s natural cycles) and nourishment (eating food and thinking thoughts that fulfil you). Ultimately, their purpose is encouragement of the querent.

BURO. Beauty Intern Violet has been doing angel readings with her mum - the renowned acupuncturist and women’s health expert Emma Cannon - since her adolescence. Here’s why they’re her thing:

"Sunday morning angel card readings with my mum over a cup of tea are an essential end to the weekend - the guidance offered by the cards prepares me for the week ahead. You choose a card from the pack and it will have an instructional word on it. This word sets your objectives for the week and gives you something to focus on: a challenge, if you will. You can do it at home (with your own pack of cards) or you can go to a professional psychic (if you’re feeling fancy).

"Angel readings help me to organise my intentions and keep me motivated towards my goals."

Angel readings help me to organise my intentions and keep me motivated towards my goals. Angel cards win over astrology and tarot for me; they’re much more encouraging because they reveal direction centring around positive affirmations. AND they don’t try and predict the future - something I have always been sceptical about. Ultimately, they help me connect to my intuition. Essential, really, when work leaves me feeling unimaginative. As with anything mystical, they aren’t for everyone - my dad hides whenever we bring the cards out - but if you are curious and willing to adjust your rational mind, they can definitely encourage self-growth. And that, to me, is the point of anything."


Meet The Angels

Angel card decks are as diverse as their users, with messages ranging from ‘Cancel, Clear, Delete’ (permanently relevant), to ‘WHAT DO YOU DESIRE?’ (our Farfetch basket in its entirety) but who actually are the angels? With a guardian angel for roughly every four days of the Gregorian calendar, there are close to 100 doing their utmost for humanity. Our favourites are as follows.


Aniel helps us to relish the sweetness of life. Tellingly, his angelic stone is pink tourmaline which expands our ability to surrender to love and promotes emotional balance - we don’t need to explain why THAT’S useful in a dating context.


Since we were born on October 23rd (yes, we are a Scorpio), our guardian angel is Mikahel. He reminds us that success requires self-reflection and that personal issues can be improved with organisation.


Anauel allows us to find a balance between the life we currently have and the one in our aspirations. His one suggestion is that our goals ought to be aligned with the contentment of humanity. Being mostly human ourselves, we’ve taken this to mean our contentment. And that’s why we’ve just booked a Cowshed appointment.

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