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Trend dispatch from Copenhagen Fashion Week - it’s time to give your hosiery drawers a heavy dose of colour therapy, inspired by colour palettes from Wes Anderson films


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Wes Anderson’s films have birthed many a style heroine. Think Natalie Portman making the case for banana bathleisure (Hotel Chevalier) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s impossibly cool thrifty style (The Royal Tenenbaums) to Suzy Bishop’s sixties supreme (Moonrise Kingdom). Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of the director’s cinematic CV - at the very least, you’ll likely know someone that is, who won’t let you forget this fact – you can’t knock its aesthetic appeal. He is an aficionado in drawing delicious dreamscapes built from meticulously curated colour palettes. Unsurprising, then, that 896k people follow @accidentallywesanderson; an Instagram account that finds stylised symmetry from Anderson’s films in architecture and design around the world.

This quirky visual language is filtering onto the runway, too, in unexpected ways. At Stine Goya’s AW20 show during Copenhagen Fashion Week, our biggest colour crush wasn’t a dress (though they were sublime) or a big cosy coat (also high up on the wish-list), but rather the hosiery paired with said items.

Lilac! Pistachio! Pink! The memo? ‘Tis the season to embrace Wes Anderson-ified tights. OK, so the idea of switching up your trusty black deniers for a Shrek green style may feel like a step too far, or induce an “I must procure a completely new wardrobe to make this look work” panic. But, fear not - it’s not as tricky to pull off as it sounds. Unlike the neon craze that populated our social feed this season, this is a more muted, pale-yellow green. Which, happily, works well with a plethora of shades (red, yellow, black, pink) and instantly elevates your look without very little commitment. In other words, it’s a lazy girl’s dream.

For more colourful leg-dressing inspiration, vibrant tights were in no short supply for AW19 – see Max Mara’s head-to-toe tonal looks in teal, mustard yellow and beige. Elsewhere, Anna Sui injected an air of 80s eccentricity with models styling their colour-clashing apparel with cobalt blue, fizzy fuchsia and tango orange hosiery. Extra fashion brownie points if you can match your shoes to your tights…


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