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Punchy and exceedingly practical


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In fashionland there will always be trends that crop up that feel like a very niche in-joke. Try as you might, one that you just don't get. No matter how many times X or Y person on Instagram proclaims it to be the next best thing.

Which brings us to thinking, just for a moment, about the apparent surge in interest in corsets this year. According to eBay searches anyway. The culprit? Quite obviously spawned from the blockbuster of TV releases: Bridgerton (the regency-era show that was streamed by 63 million households in its first month alone). The thing is – while we’re all for an injection of fun and fantasy, especially when everything feels feel a bit (understatement) bleak – there’s something fully unappealing about something that constricts its wearer, when we are confined to our homes for 95% of the day. Ooph, it's a cold hard no from us. Give us a call in March? 

Instead, January dressing should be a comforting enterprise, where layering is key. Our lives are in limbo and your wardrobe probably is too. That's OK. Lean into it. There’s something wonderful about digging around and discovering an old jumper you loved in the days of yore (AKA anytime pre-February 2020) or a pair of gloves that your mum bought you, that you stowed away years ago. You may already be in possession of one trend we endorse 100% on this ‘meh’ of months: we call it the serotonin scarf.

It is the perfect park companion for those who get separation anxiety from their beloved Netflix-and-chill-minus-the-euphemism throws. Plus, a jolt of colour worn whilst on your daily jaunt can add a dose of daily joy (science says so: numerous studies suggest certain colours can have an overall effect on our mood and can balance our energy).

According to Kate Nightingale, psychologist and founder of Style Psychology, when you put some colour on, "your brain automatically activates all of your subconscious with that hue" and "if your current emotional states is considerably different to these associations, your brain will slowly start to adjust your mood.”

“A scarf will always add an element of personality and right now is the perfect accessory to wear to liven things up,” says Hollie Harding, non-apparel buying manager at Browns Fashion. “Colours evoke feelings of fun and I’m obsessed with Loewe’s multicoloured stripe scarf, we’ve also got some great colourful options from Bottega Veneta, Ganni and Burberry.” You don’t own a feel-good factor winter scarf? Fear not. Peruse our edit below. 


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