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Maximum Impact: The Velvet Coat Renaissance

The drama your wardrobe needs right now


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Say what you will about Nicole Kidman’s velvet coat in the The Undoing. And, oh my, there was a lot said (not since Carol Baskin’s animal prints has a TV style moment brought out such a visceral response in viewers). Safe to say, either you loved or loathed it. 

We are, unashamedly, in the former camp. Of course, it’s all about context. As Lauren Bravo points out, it is the "cornerstone of Grace’s [Nicole Kidman’s character in the psychological thriller] luxe bohemian wardrobe, all leather gloves and tasselled scarves," and so, "the coat’s fairy-tale allure" makes complete sense. 

We won’t spoil the (spectacularly over the top) plot for those who have yet to watch it, but it’s enough to say that while Kidman’s seemingly together, picture perfect life unravels exponentially, her attachment to this plush coat of armour never wavers. Of course, we’d never be so foolish to suggest a piece of clothing were a substitute for a personality. But let’s not discount the certain level of intrigue that comes with wearing such fabric.

Its long-held appeal? Firstly, it exudes an air of nobility and nostalgia (loved by royalty to rock stars). Secondly, it’s a very touchable textile. Ergo = inherently seductive. Like shearling's sexy cousin, the one that you introduce at parties, and everyone instantly fawns over. A velvet coat is dramatic, mysterious. It calls for a response. And well, at a time when drama and intrigue have been in seriously short supply, we’ll take it in whatever form it comes.

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