2020 Fashion Resolutions: Fantasy VS Reality

As 80% of us fail our new year resolutions by February, how about some fashion vows instead? From only buying vintage to ignoring trends, these could be your 2020 fantasy versus reality resolutions.

Team Buro | 26.12.2019

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Organise inbox, save more £££, show face at the gym, write a ‘gratitude list’ every morning, journal. Oh, and buy a journal. And a nice pen. New Year’s resolutions are made with the very best of intentions. Though, are we just setting ourselves up for failure? Consequently, feeling bad that we haven’t tapped into that shinier, ‘better’ version of self who SoulCycles on their lunch break. Another usual suspect in the self-improvement department, come January 1st, is the CCO (Complete Closet Overhaul). You flirt with the idea of ditching the jean-drobe in favour of being more Joan Collins? Or someone who is smugly disinterested in trends and invests in one special ‘forever item’ per season? In the spirit of honesty, see below BURO.’s 2020 fantasy versus reality fashion resolutions.



The Fantasy: Only buying vintage clothes to save the planet and looking like a glamorous cross between Zoe Kravitz and EastEnders' Dot Cotton.

The Reality: Accidentally regressing to my teenage wardrobe of horrible garish jumpers and freaking myself out imagining the ways my coats predecessor might have met her grizzly end.



The Fantasy: Establishing a fashion uniform (a moodboard maybe, that would confirm what I already know - my signature look is Preen by Thornton Bregazzi). Then only invest in quality pieces by the brands who adhere to my uniform. So, all Preen basically.
The Reality: Go to every Preen sample sale and scour YOOX and Outnet for bargains (quality investments, just less actual investment). Do the same for Mother of Pearl, Story MFG, ooh Chloe obviously. I am obsessed with Chloe. Oh look! They do baby Chloe, I need to get some of that for my future baby, obviously. Oops. I've over-invested, my 'uniform' is just as diverse as last year, and I've got more clothes than I need. OK, out with the old... I'm off to the charity shop. 



The Fantasy: Spot the trend, ignore the high street knockoffs, save the money I would have spent on the high-street for the real deal even if it takes six months, instead of six hours, to get my hands on it.

The Reality: I like the idea of clothes swaps, but I need to find friends whose wardrobes I'd be willing to swap. So, if you know anyone who wears a size 12 in her head but is really a 14, with size five feet and oversized thighs, send them my way.



The Fantasy: To stop revolving my entire life around a single black polo neck (who am I kidding though, this is never going to happen).

The Reality:

1. Get worthy pieces tailored to actually fit me.

2. Dress with a modicum of effort rather than from the floor.

3. Realise that I don't have enough prestige to be wearing a vintage Dior bikini, never mind one I ooze out of.

4. Throw away my pink fleece dressing gown once and for all.

5. Admit defeat with regard to anything that would require the stress of a painful breakup for me to fit into.

6. Buy myself more jewellery, since no one else will.



Fantasy: Buy pieces I can wear all year round, such as this dress from The Vampire's Wife, just so I can justify spending that much on a single piece.

Reality: Mark the under-arm area with sweat stains because I wore lamé fabric to an outdoor wedding in July.




The Fantasy: Try not to invest my whole wages in Nike.

The Reality: Get rid of clothes that were purchased in 2012, when I thought neon was everything.



The Fantasy: To own a Phoebe Philo-style capsule wardrobe and look chic and willowy in the process of wearing it. 

The Reality: Throw out the too-small clothes I've been saying I'll lose weight to fit into! It ain’t going to happen.



The Fantasy: I’d win the lottery and splash out on a really big walk-in-wardrobe a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Then go on a vintage shopping haul to fill up said wardrobe with coats from every (golden) era.

The Reality: I will have to make do with my single rail, my coat buying has actually reached addictive levels, so shopping my own wardrobe will have to do. For now.



The Fantasy: I suddenly have the perfect outfit for every day - no more “I have nothing to wear” situations!

The Reality: Finish selling, car booting all the clothing I don't wear. Really try to stick to a ‘one in one out’ policy and focus on investments pieces. I also want to really start investing more in rings.

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