Bum Vase, But Make It Bigger

Anissa Kermiche Love Handles Vase was the unexpected interiors success story of last year. So what’s next? Um. it appears to have had a growth spurt.

16.12.2019 | Sophie Beresiner

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Question; What could possibly be better than the £340 Anissa Kermiche Love Handles vase that blew up your Instagram feed this year? Oh! I know! I know this one! It’s the absolutely stupendous supersized version, it's very, very limited edition, and it's currently only available on the Anissa Kermiche website. How do I know how superb it is IRL? Because we have one. A one of a kind Large Love Handles Vase, in the office to inspire us while we work.

Next question could well be ‘but why do you need a giant one of those?’ (because it’s a legitimate work of art Susan), and then ‘but what do you put in a metre high ceramic bum vase?’ (um, yes, we’re still working on that. Nothing? Our office assistant Ella? Giant artificial poppies from the Jo Malone window display?).

The best person to answer all of our giant cult vase questions is the creator herself, jewellery and ceramics designer Anissa Kermiche. So Anissa, why the giant vase?

‘We really wanted to play with scale and have our pieces spur a dramatic reaction when someone walks into the room. We really enjoy seeing the impact the bigger vase has.’ Look at it! How could it not?

There are only ten Large Love Handles vases in the world, and at £2490 each, it’s a definite investment that needs some careful thought. Not too much, mind - the heart wants what it wants - but if it’s going on your Christmas wish list, what exactly are you going to put in it (and will it fit in your flat?)

Anissa recommends ‘large fake flowers or leaves- this piece needs big botanicals to match the scale of the vase.’

"Who doesn't want to have a bum sitting in the middle of their living room?"


We can confirm that the absolute joy of the original, (as Anissa says ‘Who doesn't want to have a bum sitting in the middle of their living room?) increases in proportion with the scale of the piece. To see a giant bum vase is to love a giant bum vase. Will you be one of the ten people to own bum? One! I mean own one?

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