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Here are the best gym clothes without the gym


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Towards the end of the first lockdown, a survey found that – out of all forms of restricted physical activity – a gym workout was what people were most keen to do once restrictions eased. Luckily for whoever these people were, gyms in the UK were allowed to reopen shortly after. And now, in the midst of the third lockdown, they’re closed again! What a shame.

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to – for want of a better set of words – mess stuff up. You probably had a resolute routine before all this happened: gym, work, home, wine. Perhaps the gym element was largely a figment of fantasy, but you tried – at least once – to fashion a life for yourself in which it wasn’t. And who knows, maybe you would have succeeded if we hadn’t abruptly gone into another lockdown at the very start of January – the month at which all our resolutions have the greatest chance of being actualised.

You do realise, however, that it is possible to exercise without entering a gym? You could go for a run outside, for example. Or do something virtually – FRAME are even offering free access to their online classes to anyone who’s feeling especially miserable. Either way, the digitised world is no place for excuses.

Perhaps exercising is so important to you that it would feel disrespectful to do so in anything but premium activewear. Or maybe premium activewear is one of the few things on this earth that will encourage you to exercise. Dutifully we’ve trawled the internet to find the best things – from trainers and leggings to shorts and sports bras to water bottles and exercise mats – for sweating in (and near). They might even persuade you to turn your camera on – and we’ll definitely be wearing the Live The Process shorts and Maisie Willen bodysuit throughout the hallowed summer of 2021, even if our fitness ambitions are in landfill by then.

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