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Being comfortably cool is essential for sleeping well, after all


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As lovely as it can be to languish in, heat is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. You thrash! You sweat! You groan! Morning breaks and you feel, well, broken. There’s a simple solution, though (and it’s not sleeping naked): summer pyjamas. The right garments and fabrics make a world of difference when it comes to nocturnal dressing, you know.


Consuming too much sugar on a regular basis can cause a wealth of health problems, but we are willing to RISK IT ALL for these saccharine summer pyjamas by Helmstedt. There’s also a matching quilted blanket and a silk pillowcase if you really want to take things to excess.


There’s a debate to be had about whether these black linen Asceno pieces are actually summer pyjamas or a matching top and shorts set that you’d flaunt as separates on staycation. Either way, we like them – a lot.


When it comes to summer pyjamas, the combination of short shorts and a tank top makes perfect sense. Here it is in all its understated glory courtesy of Eberjey.


loretta caponi

Pyjama bottoms can be just as cooling as shorts, though. The pair in this Loretta Caponi set also have the benefit of being luxurious – champagne silk and lace trim luxurious.


Pockets are always useful, especially on days when you don’t have the energy to change out of your pyjamas. Any would you want to when they feel as good as this grey jersey pair by Skin?


Kim Kardashian clearly has a good understanding of what women want: to go to bed in a pair of big pants and be done with it. There’s also a matching vest top if you won’t settle for anything less than a full SKIMS ensemble.


Piglet is principally known for its luscious linen bedding, but they do luscious linen pyjamas too. This is useful since it’s our favoured fabric for summer.

les girls les boys

What would a list of summer pyjamas be without a pair of gingham pyjamas? Don’t use them as an excuse to have a picnic in bed, though. Even Les Boys Les Girls is not worth the crumbs.


A home full of TEKLA products is all we really want from life, but this summer we’re settling for a pair of their unisex pyjamas. Baby steps.

sainted sisters

Whenever we put this Sainted Sisters set on, ‘Cover Me in Sunshine’ starts playing out of nowhere. We don’t hate it!

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