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Despite the frenzy surrounding the series, we promise the following campaign has nothing to do with The Undoing – some of us haven’t even watched it. Even if we’d never seen Nicole Kidman in that coat, we’d still be encouraging you to wear velvet trousers during this time.

By ‘during this time’, we mean both ‘Christmas’ and ‘an unprecedented global pandemic’. Velvet trousers are always a good idea for Christmas because the festive period calls for luxury in abundance. As fabrics go, velvet is luxurious to look at and to the touch. When December arrives, it simply makes sense to have it at the forefront of your sartorial arsenal – a luxurious term for ‘wardrobe’ that we’ve brought down from the loft especially for Christmas along with the decorations.

But can velvet trousers still be relevant when Christmas happens to coincide with an unprecedented global pandemic? Yes. Even when it makes parties largely redundant? Yes. We daresay that had the Christ Child never been born at all, velvet trousers would still make sense in lockdown. They’re comfortable, after all. And just as a matching tracksuit brings a bit of precision to what would have otherwise been a distinctly lackadaisical outfit, velvet trousers provide glamour when you need it most – when you’re feeling uninspired and hopeless. You might even go so far as to pair some with a blazer, but that could feel a bit excessive when you’re WFH – or not.

Indeed, ‘velvet’ is in fact an umbrella term that can comprise things like ‘velour’ and even ‘corduroy’ – the more the merrier, though. If you want an incredibly flattering fit, we recommend procuring a pair from Peachy Den. For something pink, there’s Marine Serre. Fancy some that look like they could be a distant relation of jeans? Well, that’s what Carhartt WIP and Isabel Marant Étoile are for.

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