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Everyone likes the idea of luxurious lingerie, but for some people it’s a fantasy that’s never actualised. If you’re above a certain size, you might find the lingerie industry one that’s not particularly inclusive. Or at least Camilla Aidoo did, so you founded Shecurve.


For her, the lack of inclusivity in the luxury lingerie market wasn’t just an issue of sizing, but also a failure to use a diverse range of models. How were women in that demographic supposed to see beautiful lingerie as accessible when those modelling it rarely represented them?

Camilla’s ethics, of course, also extend to the craft of each piece. Shecurve is handmade entirely in England by seamstresses earning the living wage. The current collection is a silk-centred dream featuring robes, nightdresses and matching sets. Predictably, we think we need it all.

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