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The Drop: Feathered Heels

Our feathered heels edit is window shopping for the soul.
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Five Reasons to Lust after, or Live in...Feathered Heels

1. Feathered heels are the absolutely extra traffic stopping shoes, that without a doubt should never under any circumstances be worn in the rain. But then, they’re traffic stopping, so black cabs should not be an issue, which is an obvious bonus.

2. They will make you want to go out when you really don’t want to go out. You know, it’s cold, you can’t be bothered, you didn’t nap today but the thing is, your shoes are singing to you from the corner of the room. They are Party Shoes and they need to party. ‘Put me on immediately’ they say. So you will.

3. You will be elevate literally any outfit to street-style levels of brilliance. Black joggers, sweatshirt and feathered heels? Hold the front page.

4. Obviously a sound investment due to their style longevity. If they recollect old Hollywood, but are are a legitimate trend now, they will definitely last forever.

5. They give a beautiful silhouette, especially around the ankles, which makes them the little black dress of the shoe world.

Sold? Then shop.



SABRINA'S WEDDING DAY LOOK I image courtesy of sabrina elba


When I’m feeling less experimental, or like my hair has been subject to a lot of heat, I’ll wear a wig. It took a while to learn how to make them work for me. I struggled to find a company whose wigs I liked, and often resorted to friends recommendations, but it’s such a personal thing - just because they worked for them, doesn't mean they'd work for me. I had to try so many on and take so many pictures of myself before I found any I liked. Nowadays when all else fails, I seek advice from celebrity stylist Nai’vasha. She always has something great up her sleeve, whether I want to spend $500 or $2000. I make my wigs last by treating them with the same reverence I do my actual hair, which means heat protector always.

My job means I’m often at events, and having to change up my look, which is where wigs come in handy. A favourite recent on the red carpet was my pink wig at the Met Gala. It was sexy and fun, and it made me feel like my alter ego had come out to play. That said, if I have the luxury of choice, I always prefer my natural hair.

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My Kit

Sabrina’s Kit



Carols Daughter

This has been in my shower for a very long time. It makes it feel softer and more nourished even before conditioner.

Vanilla Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo, £18.86



My hair is pretty dry from all the styling, so I need a heavy duty thirst quencher, and this does the trick while smelling great and refreshing my scalp with a minty coolness.

Peppermint Conditioner, £30.00


bumble & bumble 

With UV protection and a heat protector, this is a great 2-in-1. It’s lightweight, there’s no sticky residue and I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m staving off some heat damage.

Invisible Oil Protective Primer, £22



Matte might sound funny (who doesn’t want their hair to look shiny?), but when I’m on a red carpet and there’s a lot of flashbulbs, I don’t want a reflective glare. Texture wise, it’s quite heavy, but it’s perfect for sleeker looks where strays are non-negotiable.

Matte Pomade, £16




This quite literally does everything, and it’s way less damaging that a standard blow dryer, probably because it cuts your hair’s contact with heat by around half (I’m sure there’s much more science going on behind the scenes, too.) Of the seven heads, my most used is the paddle brush one which straightens while drying. I love it!

Airwrap Styler, £499.99



I love my Aveda paddle brush. It gets through my thick hair without dragging it, and feels so good on my scalp. For flyaways and fluff around my hairline, I use pomade and a toothbrush. My mom taught me that tip when I was younger and I’m yet to find a better solution.

Bioderma Sensibio H20, £10.80





I’ve been taking this vitamin supplement for about 6 months now and have noticed such a difference in the quality, texture and length.

Max Strength Tablets, £45.95




The London Clinic

I see Dr Christopher Rowland Payne at The London Clinic for PRP (platelet-rich plasma, to you and I), which is basically the hair equivalent to a vampire facial. Helping to prevent hair loss and thinning, I started to see the benefits of three treatments (that lasted approximately 30 minutes each) after about 6 months. Overall, my hair is longer and feels thicker.

The London Clinic

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