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From Duvet To Dancefloor: The Art Of PJ Partywear

Dream of wearing your nightwear on a night out? Shop BURO.’s curation of the power PJs


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There are two types of December folk. Those who take to champagne-filled soirées like a duck to water and those who plot their tactful ‘so sorry, really swamped with work, have fun though,’ response as soon as they see a Christmas cocktail event hit their inbox. We get it. Sometimes the greatest luxury of all is a night in, The Crown queued up, PJs on. Thankfully, sleepwear’s chic-over this season means we can legitimately don 'I woke up like this,’ attire on the dancefloor.

A far cry away from traditional, draw stringed, cotton jammies of yesteryear, this luxe-loungewear look is closer to the trouser suit. For a dose of vintage-style decadence, make like Coco Chanel (who started the trend by wearing her lover's luxury nightwear in the 1920s), by opting for velvet, silk and satin, jewel-toned styles.

So, who’s getting the look right this season? Cult fashion brand the Sleeper, is a firm favourite in the BURO. office. Think dreamy feather-trimmed sets, which includes a shirt detailed with of pearly buttons and matching cropped pants. For laid-back 70s glamour, seek out Olivia von Halle’s butter-soft silk velvet petrol blue style inspired by partygoers at the legendary nightclub Studio 54. Elsewhere, we’ve got our Xmas wish-list eyes fixed on YOLKE’s luxuriously comfortable buttercup yellow Amelie set, which features a top finished with romantic frills and trousers trimmed with icy blue piping on the side.

Styling is key to this look. For evenings out, we suggest slicking your hair back, raiding your jewellery box for statement ear-dressing and pairing with some Malone Souliers heels. For those who aren’t quite ready to brave the ‘full set’ as such, a silk camisole top paired with cigarette pants or a slip dress worn underneath a big faux faux coat is a good entry-level purchase to PJ partywear. 

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