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Don't let anyone tell you that wearing pink – whether it's millennial, neon or another shade entirely – isn't empowering


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Be as disparaging as you like about pink clothes, Paris Fashion Week has proven that they’re not going anywhere. Although this may be denied, pink – to us – is always a delight to behold. This season, brands such as Isabel Marant, Lutz Huelle and Chloé demonstrated that much in their collections. Even when there was only really one pink look to speak of (as was the case with Chloé), you can guarantee that this is the look that will be remembered – pink is mesmerizing.

It’s not just Fashion Month in which pink has relevance, however. The colour itself has a rich and varied history that diverts from its current associations. For example, pink – being the lighter version of the red traditionally coupled with masculinity – was formerly linked to boys and blue to girls. Now, pink is an optical byword for femininity – and a potent one at that. In 2015, the Labour party caused a furore by employing a pink – though initially the terms ‘magenta’ and ‘fuschia’ were used instead – minibus to attract women voters. Detractors claimed that this was patronising – and maybe it was – but in the right context the colour pink embodies resilience, especially in the battle against patriarchy and misogyny – we’ve all seen Legally Blonde, haven’t we?


So how do you incorporate pink into your wardrobe? Flagrantly and without shame. While the last few years have been notorious for millennial pink, it has subtler siblings that may prove more appealing – and bolder ones in case millennial pink is in fact not pink enough. If you’re a millennial in both demographic and preference, we recommend earrings from Uncommon Matters. For something a lot softer, we suggest a pair of Acne Studios jeans. Any neon? Yes, by Jacquemus. All of these – and more – are available to buy below:

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