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Rain is simply a fact of life


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A shopping feature about waterproof clothing? Is this a joke? Well no, actually. A shopping feature about ‘festival fashion’ in these ‘unprecedented times’ would be a joke, but this is (somewhat) serious. It rains all the time in the UK, especially when we assume it shouldn’t. Just as pride comes before a fall, the gloating heatwave of summer was bound to be followed by the overcast and raging storms we find ourselves in now. That’s just nature for you – and life.

Some of us really like rain in spite of its plan-cancelling prowess. It’s good for our plants; it smells nice; and, best of all, it makes us feel like the protagonist of a morose music video. But being caught in the rain is a definitive shortcut to dishevelment, therefore it’s annoying.

So what’s the solution? An umbrella and a coat that is at least water-resistant are the obvious pieces of waterproof clothing. If you’re lucky, they’ll be a Discord Yohji Yamamoto umbrella and a Maison Margiela MM6 x The North Face coat – but there are countless other options if you’re not. Less obvious are things like Off-White waterproof shoe covers. We know these might seem a bit excessive, but why allow the rain to ruin your trainers if it can be avoided? That said, you could also just sport a pair of rainboots (such as the Burberry or Jimmy Choo ones below) instead – the choice is, as always, yours.


Aside from umbrellas and the appropriate coats and shoes, there are also rain hats to contend with when building a waterproof wardrobe. We especially like the ones by Rains – an extremely fitting brand name if ever there was one.

Once the practical foundations of your waterproof wardrobe are established, you may be able to include slightly more frivolous pieces. These include things like a Moncler dress made with polyamide and designed in collaboration with Simone Rocha. It might not be waterproof, but it’s definitely gorgeous – and by that point you’ll probably have earnt it.

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