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We’ve been doing a lot of wishful thinking lately. This is how – in the depths of autumn – we’ve found ourselves pining over Míe. Míe, for all intents and purposes, is very much a summer brand. The type of brand that deserves the arena of a proper holiday to really shine – and makes little to no sense when it’s cold. But while you may have managed a staycation or traversed an air bridge, 2020 wasn’t really the best year for holidays. 2021, however, we pray will be different. So here we are, forecasting our holiday wardrobes for then – and Míe is at the top of the list.

Launched in 2018, Míe make clothes – some cotton and some linen – that are breathable, elegant and functional. In sweltering heat, clothes like these are indispensable – and better still if they’re clothes you actually want to wear. Being based in Lagos, Míe have a better understanding of sweltering heat than most. In line with their vision of sustainability, Lagos is also the place where all of their pieces are made by local artisans and seamstresses. More broadly, Míe are constantly seeking ways in which to improve their production processes so that their designs don’t come at the expense of the environment. Of course, care of the environment is key to our future on this planet – something worth pursuing if it means we get to wear Míe.

So what Míe pieces do we hope to be wearing on holiday – ideally somewhere very glamorous like Positano – next year? As it’s too difficult to choose between them, we think several dresses – particularly the Sal and the Yas – would be a worthwhile investment. And then there’s the Lamu shorts, which would evidently go with everything. And the Tulum set! It’s all just quite essential, isn’t it?

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