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An outfit that has been your sartorial saviour more times than you care to mention


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At some point during your time on earth, you will have worn jeans and a nice top. It’s certainly not something we need to explain to you, but - like digestion or any other unconscious process controlled by our autonomic nervous system - it’s fascinating when you actually think about it.

If ‘wardrobe essentials’ (white T-shirts, trench coats, clean knickers and the like) exist statically as the physical foundations of your sartorial nation, ‘jeans and a nice top’ is the ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’ - a dynamic concept that upholds us spiritually, in other words. Quiet confidence, for example, was practically built on the concept of ‘jeans and a nice top’. And, since its iterations are infinite, it’s a national motto with universal appeal.

Essentially, ’jeans and a nice top’ is the bridge between dressing with ease and dressing with effort. It’s Beyoncé’s ‘I care’ with a lot less melodrama - ‘I do care actually - a little bit’, if you will. Jeans are perennially casual (and water is wet) whereas nice tops demonstrate intention, though what that intention is exactly varies. First date? New (media) job? Walking aimlessly around a luxury department store? There’s an outfit consisting of jeans and a nice top for that!

Perhaps when ‘jeans and a nice top’ was in its nascent stages, detractors claimed it was a relationship that would inevitably fail. Jeans are too lazy for nice tops and nice tops are too prissy for jeans, surely? But no, jeans are stable and nice tops are, well, nice (and fun). As with the most fulfilling romantic relationships, they fill the parts of each other that are barren. If that’s not true love then what is?