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You might have noticed the recent proliferation of cagey leather sandals. Those that look like they might belong to a fisherman


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Of the aesthetic tribes we aspire to approximate, a fisherman is increasingly popular. But what does a fisherman wear, you ask? Well, in the modern day, working from the top down, we would expect a bucket hat of some sort (for men, it’s a rolled-too-high beanie, often referred to as a 'tiny hat'), an Aran island knit, a waxy waterproof, some navy cord pants that stop abruptly above the ankle, and a pair of woven leather sandals. OK, suspend your disbelief at this chaotic – and hypothetical – exhibit of a fisherman. One that if that description is anything to go by, spends their winters in Clovelly, and their summers in Fiskardo.

But back to their sandals. The ones that cage their feet like lobsters in pots, letting water flow in and out easily. Boasting practicality and function – two ideals that will forever be tethered to pandemic dressing – it’s not difficult to see their appeal. If the sun was shining we’d also laud their good ventilation, but because it’s not, we’ll instead cheer the fact that they look just as good without socks, as they do with. Similarly, whether sling-backed or buckled, the fact that they compliment linen dresses as much as tailored suits. It started, as many fashion-focussed things do, with The Row – its Gaia sandals, unapologetically chunky and black, never not sold out (despite coming in at over £700). Next came Gabrielle Hearst’s, with a thinner soul and thicker straps. Now there’s plenty of options from both mid-market brands such as Hereu, and the highstreet by way of Zara and Arket.


Thankfully for those who are – how do I put this? – ugly of foot, they’re antithesis of the naked sandal, the barely there shoe trend that dominated the warmer months of summer 2019. A welcome continuation of the ugly shoe trend, below you’ll find a selection of the best.

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