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These lucky charms certainly won't be misplaced


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Since their inception, AirPods have become somewhat of a status symbol. Now, there are AirPods Pro in addition to the originals (with version 2.0 apparently underway). Since no iPhone actually comes with AirPods, those who own them have to part with at least £159 for the pleasure – they have to really want them, in other words.


We understand the desire: conventional headphones often end up in a tangled mess that takes ages to undo. AirPods, however, represent freedom. The freedom to charge your iPhone at the same time as listening to a podcast. The freedom to not have your earphones unexpectedly yanked out by anything that gets caught in the wires. The freedom to move around while listening to music without being tethered to your iPhone as though it were a ball and chain suspended from both ears.

Given all this, it’s unsurprising that you should want a case for your AirPods. We know they’re already in a case, but what we mean is a special case – one you absolutely could not lose, even if you tried. But with so many AirPod cases out there, what kind would be worthy? For us, it’s those so glamorous that they could be classed as ‘tech jewellery’.

You can imagine, then, our delight at Fendi’s recent collaboration with the tech-savvy accessories brand Chaos. These are AirPod holders so fancy that they don’t look like AirPod holders at all, but luxe lucky charms to adorn your person with aplomb. The same, of course, can be said for those by the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Rick Owens and all the rest – no one does desirable AirPod cases like well-known big brands. That said, we recommend either Saint Laurent or Palm Angels for those with subtler tastes. Who says an AirPods case has to be ornate for it to be ornamental?

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