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Regardless of whether or not the sun is shining


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In life, categorisation is a constant temptation. Perhaps it makes us feel secure, as though we have a full understanding of something (or someone). It’s probably why a lot of us are obsessed with astrology and finding our ‘alter ego’. For practical reasons, categorising clothes is particularly easy: bikinis and swimsuits are for summer; coats and jumpers are for winter – it simplifies everything. But, once in a while, you’ll encounter something that defies such seasonal simplification completely, like a checked dress.

Checked dresses serve us as well in the colder months as they do when the weather is balmy. Since we’d have no idea that it was spring currently unless we looked at a calendar, this can only be described as a good thing. There’s no point denying that either iteration offers something very different, however. During spring and summer, checked dresses conjure frolics in all forms. Maybe you’ll wear one to pose in a lavender field, for example. Or maybe you’ll stuff one into your cabin baggage whenever you manage to go on a foreign holiday.

Either way, it might prove to be the only summer dress that matters – one that’s as familiar as it is fun, with a definite chance of being reinstated next year. But then September will set in, and it will be time for it to be replaced – possibly with something plaid. This new dress will have cosiness at its core. In an ideal world, it will be worn on a staycation to the Isle of Skye. Failing that, a dilapidated pub sofa would have to do (providing a mulled something was also included in the scenario). Obviously, unlike summer, this is no season for wearing a dress alone. You’ll pair this one with either a camel coat or trench coat, whatever the result of you re-boot was, and a wool scarf. All will be well with the world – as it always is when you’re wearing a checked dress.

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