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How to buy less, choose well and style your new favourite camel coat so you'll always love it

Naomi Barling | 10.10.2019

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Photography I DANIEL Archer

styling I naomi barling

Faux fur. Vegan leather. Puffas. Prints...Identifying our winter coat personality is no easy feat. Though, if we play the cost-per-wear game, there’s one enduring style that always wins: the camel coat. Chic? Check. Cosy? Most definitely. If you’re time poor and want to look polished with less than 60 seconds to get out the door (hands up emoji), a camel coat will do the hard work for you whatever you decide to throw on underneath. For autumn / winter 2019 designers from Max Mara, The Row and Burberry put their own spin on the timeless cover up, from fuzzy, teddy bear finishes to wool wraparounds…

The Camel coat

Tips of the season


Considering we live in London and rain comes to visit more often than invited a smart investment would be a camel trench or puffer, JW and Burberry have fresh variations of these this season and Rains camel waterproof in rubber or patent is the perfect blend of practical and cool.


This season designers focused on big voluminous energy – let the coat waterfall off you and go oversized - get experimental with your proportions and play with tying the coat with your own chunky leather.


If you prefer a single tone, clash textures. Combine corduroy with a cotton drill trench, a wool roll neck under a suit or shirt or pair a blazer skirt combination with matching camel leather boots. This versatile situation of beige-on-beige-on-beige can be a refreshing but just as elegant alternative to the enduring fashion mantra of all-black.

“I have become obsessed with tonal colourways. I mix and match different shades from the same palette and add in prints in the same tones, if I want to mix it up. ”



The BURO.favourite camel coats this season

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