By Heather Gwyther


There's nothing like the brief appearance of sunshine to get us in the mood for mules
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After the advent of some sun, life seems to have improved drastically. Things that would have made us shudder in the dead of winter now make perfect sense. Maybe this is just a phenomenon known as ‘spring’ but, ultimately, it’s left us wanting a pair of backless loafers (or closed-toe mules, if you prefer that term).

Backless loafers are interesting shoes. And not just because of how they’re individually designed. At first glance, they seem like something that you just glide around in, nonchalantly. In reality, they’re rather cumbersome shoes to walk around in. But since there’s still an undeniable chill in the air, now is a good time to practise before the weather encourages you to denounce socks entirely. And, in the comfort of your own home, they might as well be slippers. Don’t get too attached to that thought, though. This is just a temporary arrangement in advance of them becoming your going out out shoes.

Going out out shoes? Yes, for 21 June, obviously. We don’t expect you to be tottering around in heels, but we do expect you to make some sort of an effort, and backless loafers demonstrate just the right amount. This probably has something to do with the fact that they straddle the divide between ‘pop to the shops’ shoes and ‘special occasion’ shoes. A full ‘special occasion’ shoe would be a bit overwhelming after months upon months of relative isolation, but you want something more than a ‘pop to the shops’ shoe – a ‘dance safely on tables’ shoe, perhaps.

So what backless loafers do we actually want to be wearing on that hallowed night in June? The red snakeskin ones by Martine Rose are very tempting, but then so are the ones from Dorateymur. And the fur-lined Gucci’s. So all of them, really. 

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