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The English language is abound with important C-words. Cake! Cuddling! Christmas! The other one! The ones we shall be focussing on today, however, are ‘cool’ and ‘comfortable’ – exactly how you want to look and feel after getting dressed every day. But how do you achieve this as winter lingers on?

We know there are many variants of jacket – and coat – in existence. A standard jacket – whether it be denim, leather or a bomber – probably won’t be warm enough when it’s bitterly cold. A fleece is warm indeed, but potentially too casual to be entirely reliable. Shearling, while gorgeous, is not exactly rainproof. A whole coat might be too formal. And don’t get us started on the confusion surrounding shackets. Behold the quilted puffer jacket, an answer to all such woes.

Quilted puffer jackets will most definitely keep you warm in cold weather – some of them even have hoods which make them extra warm as well as appropriate for wet weather. Yes, they might seem casual, but it’s a nonchalant kind of casual as opposed to an unkempt one. Besides, some of them are actually quite sleek – especially if they’re from a luxury brand – without looking at all formal. And obviously you know precisely what a ‘quilted puffer jacket’ is, so there’s no uncertainty in that department.

Thankfully there’s variety, though. If you like black in its glossiest form, a quilted puffer jacket from Goldbergh might be your best bet. Prefer sky blue? Holden. Forest green? Rains. Red? Perfect Moment. Or maybe you want something with a faux fur trim? That’s what the Nike + Sacai number is for. 

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