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That’s so Basic


We encourage you to invest in only the best when it comes to wardrobe basics


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There’s something slightly ironic about a white T-shirt. Often touted as essential in the pursuit of ‘effortless cool’ (whatever that is), white T-shirts should be simple but - upon wearing at least - they’re not. They are largely incompatible with anything that’s not a nude T-shirt bra and they attract all types of stains - even before all of this is endured, the perfect one is elusive.

But what if the perfect white T-shirt has only been elusive because you haven’t had the time to find it? Now - as unwanted as this time may be - you do! Perhaps yours is a Prada one so perfect that you need three of them? Or something corseted (and therefore actually flattering) à la Dilara Findikoglu?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll use this time to renounce the concept of perfection altogether. Out you’ll stride in an asymmetric number from Loewe, covered in dirt and ready for the new world - whatever the future holds.

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