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As spring makes itself apparent and lockdown restrictions loosen, it's easy to feel positive. But whatever grand ideas you have for your wardrobe as we transition into a distinctly different season, the fact remains: it would be unwise to forsake outerwear entirely. To that end, could we talk to you about trench coats? Well, we’re going to anyway.

You probably already own a trench coat. Their existence has been hammered into human consciousness for decades now. But do you own what could be described as ‘the best trench coat’? Perhaps, perhaps not. Ultimately, what that actually is varies from person to person – not to mention why they even want one in the first place.


The trench coat you’re thinking of right now is probably a classic Burberry trench coat. They’re such a part of the DNA there that they even have their own pillar on the website. But as important as those ones are, trench coats have long diversified from the beige and gabardine variety – particularly at Burberry itself. Since variety is the spice of life, this is something that we’re grateful for. And you should be too.

If you want something a bit more decisively feminine, we recommend Prada’s pink flared trench coat. For nocturnal glamour, it can only be – or it would be nice if it was – an understated silk number from Joseph. If you want your trench coat to be specifically a spring trench coat, you could do worse than YMC’S floral offering. But if that’s not lightweight enough, there’s always the Sportmax shaped trench coat. And if you want something plain? Well, then you’re really spoilt for choice. A wardrobe basic has never been so incredibly interesting, has it? We thought as much.

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