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Napper, or extrovert?


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It's better to be overprepared and underwhelmed than it is to be underprepared and overwhelmed. It’s a sentiment that, whilst makes practical sense, rarely translates into real life. Take holidays, for example. Oh, how we can waste blissful time conjuring our great escapes, what we’d do, how our daily anxieties will wash away with the glint of sunshine caressing our untouched skin. Yet when it comes to actually setting the plans into motion we are stumped; manifesting for so long has rendered folk paralysed by choice. What to wear to celebrate a changing season, even something that should be as simple as a summer dress, can be equally as fraught to navigate. For those in need of some sartorial direction in this department, understandable after what feels like a million years rotating the same two outfits, this mood board may come in handy.


Galleries are your happy place. And my god have you missed ‘em. Both the venues themselves and the people that accompany you on an artful voyage of discovery: friends, potential romantic interests, your mum.You’re someone who thrives off colour and creativity and also sitting on benches that do not belong to your local park (sweet pleasure). Summer dressing with storytelling and a hand-crafted DNA woven into its threads is more than appealing.


Nappers get unfairly maligned as lazy creatures of habit. But you will not succumb to such societal pressure. No, because as much as the day starts off with the best of productive intentions, the familiar 3pm woosh of fatigue gets to you in the end. (Winston Churchill would snooze for at least an hour in the early part of the afternoon, said it helped him get twice as much done each day, so there’s always this to lean on as a handy retort to napping naysayers should you so need). Here, a nightie-style day dress is your only sartorial recourse. Deftly practical. The billowy the better.


Casual is not in your style vernacular. Sure, ‘freedom night’ may be delayed a little while longer but you’re hellbent on a seizing the day. To see and be seen. In the park, pub, office…location is inconsequential, statement is key.



Your google search history reads like an aspiring Charlie Dimmock. The fact you don’t have a garden is minor in the great grand scheme of thing - flowers are your life now. WhatsApp conversation is now frequently coloured in with “I found the best wildflower seeds the other day,” and other such like observations. Some may loathe the phrase “day to night,” but this is exactly what you want in a summer dress.


Friends message with notes of boredom and selfies in their garden. “Sorry, on a call – chat later x” is your auto response. Your style approach come high summer? Corporate-casual. Read: reaches for an oversized white shirt dress to exude boardroom professionalism. Even if you are, in fact, in your bedroom.


The future can be exhausting to contemplate, so instead, pockets of time indulging in the past is where you’re at for the foreseeable. This is a strictly vintage-only party: one that calls for silk-satin chemise’s, 1940s-style polka-dot tea dresses, and crochet minidresses. 

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