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Or slip dresses


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We delight in the arrival of spring for many reasons, but the main one is entirely sartorial. We love finally being able to wear a slit midi skirt with bare legs. We forgo coats in favour of denim jackets. And we always find an excuse to invest in a new pair of black sunglasses. But our favourite spring fashion item of all? A slip dress.

Of all exhausted clichés aimed at various items of clothing, the ones associated with slip dresses are perhaps the truest. Yes, a slip dress can ‘take you from day to night’ and ‘be dressed up or down’ immediately after it’s just been ‘thrown on’ – that’s the magic of them, they’re fundamentally easy. You could feasibly leave the house in nothing but a slip dress and shoes without causing immediate concern. Attempting to leave the house in nothing but a white T-shirt and shoes, however, would be a different matter.

Another thing for us to think about is just how flattering slip dresses are. This might have something to do with them often being cut on the bias (giving the fabric more stretch to contour the shape of the body) or the fact that there are enough slip dresses in existence to cater to ‘everyone’, which presumably includes you.

If you simply want a black slip dress and aren’t too fussed about its fabric, we recommend Envelope1976. But Tove and Lesyanebo are probably better if it has to be silk. Maybe you’re in the market for something that makes you look like a princess for less than £100. We suggest True Decadence for that. For a similar level of glamour, there’s also the Valle & Vik Cannes Do dress. And we can’t think of anything better for general frolics than the Rails slip dress. Maybe you’ll even get to wear it on holiday eventually.

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