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One of the most versatile accessories there is


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We don’t blame you for only associating silk scarves with that Bridget Jones convertible scene and thus considering them daft. But really that’s not fair. If she’d just secured it with hair grips, that wouldn’t have happened! Anyway, despite the bad publicity from that film, silk scarves remain an impossibly chic and versatile accessory.

Their versatility starts on your head. Ghastly winds? A - properly secured - Liberty silk scarf will help with that. Baking hot? Wear a Versace one over your head to prevent a sunburnt scalp. Greasy hair? Use an Emilio Pucci silk scarf to distract onlookers from your plight. Cold ears? We can’t actually hear what you’re saying because we’ve wrapped a Burberry silk scarf around our entire skull for insulation. And yes, we've done the same to our neck.


As we move between seasons, it’s lightweight warmth we want - a wool scarf would be too bulky at this stage. Not that a silk scarf is only worn on the neck for functional reasons. More often than not, it’s an aesthetic exercise. We like to wear ours (perhaps Shrimps on this occasion) tightly wound with a crew neck cashmere jumper, but - so long as you have independence of thought - you can do your own thing.

The particularly experimental among us, may opt to wear a silk scarf as a top. This is actually incredibly logical. How is anyone meant to see the entirety of a silk scarf’s design - especially when it’s as good as that Ninamounah one - when it’s scrunched up into obscurity? In fact, some silk scarves are so beautiful that the best approach would be to frame them. The ‘Please, Check In’ by Hermes is one such silk scarf.

We’d tell you that silk scarves also make excellent face coverings but, in the ongoing battle against a global pandemic, we’d stick to surgical masks for an optimal level of protection.

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