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What do you call them? You know, those jumpers that aren’t crew necks? With the necks? Roll necks, you say? We thought they were called ‘turtlenecks’, but then we heard someone else refer to them as ‘polo necks’. And it was ‘mock necks’ that finally pushed us over the edge. Admittedly, there are technical distinctions between all of these that we are simply too lazy to memorise, so we chose unification instead.

A lot is made of clothes and their ability to be ‘trans-seasonal’, but we wouldn’t recommend polo necks for this purpose. While things like silk scarves and leather jackets can be taken on and off at a whim, even the thinnest roll necks will have to be peeled away once the temperature rises or it rains (two very likely occurrences when we traverse seasons), and that’s hardly going to be a pleasant experience - especially if you find yourself having to do so repeatedly.

Essentially, roll necks require a level of commitment that makes their removal somewhat cumbersome. As with a romantic relationship, you have to really want to wear one. It has to complement the life you want, safe - for the foreseeable future - in the knowledge that you won’t suddenly turn around and say, “I’ve wasted the best years of my life on you! I rue the day we met!” One reason you might fly into such a rage is from smearing makeup across your face upon removing a particularly tight roll neck. This needn’t be an issue if the basis on which you enter into a relationship with a particularly tight roll neck is that it will frame your beautiful face as though it were a mobile work belonging to the National Portrait Gallery, knowing full well its limitations when it comes to makeup maintenance. After all, partnership is all about compromise. On that note, here are our current favourite roll necks - or whatever you wish to call them:

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