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The best menstrual underwear alongside lovely lingerie


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If you have periods, you have probably spent your entire menstrual career in the care of either tampons or sanitary towels. But whether you’re a staunch user of one or dabble in both, the fact remains: traditional sanitary products are not sustainable. According to Thinx, “the average person uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime.” And, of course, it all ends up in landfill. So what’s the alternative? Period pants.

We know they aren’t the most glamorous of things, but neither is menstruation. What can be glamorous, however, are the pants you wear after your period – your nice pants, in other words. With that in mind, we’ve paired the best period pants in the UK with the best nice pants. May your menstrual cycle treat you kindly.


If the environmental benefits of switching to period pants aren’t enough to tempt you, consider that Flux donate a reusable cloth pad to someone in need with every purchase. This same care is extended to the people who make their products, with all workers at their manufacturer being paid above the minimum living wage. When your period is a distant memory, you deserve to be wearing an I.D. Sarrieri lilac lace thong, though.

love luna

Hailing from Australia, Love Luna period pants contain four layers of protection: a soft cotton layer; absorbent padding; a waterproof layer; and an outer cotton or microfibre layer. That’s all well and good when you’re menstruating, but when you’re not, tulle from Miss Crofton should suffice.


If you want to sample period pants without paying too much for the privilege, we recommend a multipack from Innersy. And then there’s Lonely lingerie for the moments when you feel too sexy to be paranoid about anything.


Intimate Portal period pants are a little bit more ornate than their peers, but – with the capacity of two tampons – they’re just as useful. Some of us don’t even like lacy underwear when we’re off our period, however. And that’s why we favour the CAVALIER approach.


As no manufacturer of period pants has quite the reputation of Thinx, it’s probably the brand on this list that you’re already familiar with. Already diverse in styles, their latest offering is Thinx Super, a high-waisted number that can absorb five tampons’ worth of blood. Full briefs are nice in general, though – especially when they’re from Agent Provocateur.



Another Australian brand on the list, Modibodi also create swimwear that serves exactly the same function as their period pants. And they’re vegan. This orange pair is almost as aesthetically pleasing to parade around in as everything by Fruity Booty.


Bambody was established on the notion that period pants should be affordable and of high quality, something few would disagree with. We’re happy to spend on beautiful underwear by Myla, though.


An incredibly soft and stretchy period pant overall, it’s the lengthened gusset on Wuka’s garments that provides even more security from leakage. When leakage is no longer an issue, we suggest fancy pants by Les Girls Les Boys to celebrate.


Period pants do come as thongs, and Cheeky are one such brand who make them (alongside an array of other eco-friendly products). For the days when you don’t menstruate, we favour thongs by Heist – those from their Sheer range are as invisible as they are comfortable.


A reliable period pant with an Instagram aesthetic? Look no further than Pantys. For obvious reasons, we’re especially enamoured with the antimicrobial layer that reduces bacteria and odors. And we’re enamoured with The Underargument because they make pants that look like this.