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Excuse us while we retreat into fantasy


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Mini dresses? In lockdown 3.0? Is this a farce? Perhaps. But a farce of this sort could also be just the escapism you need to survive lockdown 3.0. After all, if you can’t enjoy the present moment then you might as well look to the future for some solace.

The future, we hope, will consist of plenty of events to actually wear a mini dress to. We know that it currently seems like the first event will be New Year’s Eve 2021, but that’s an event nonetheless – tights, inevitable anticlimax and all. In an ideal world, however, your first mini dress excursion will feature bare legs (made perfect by grace of this guide) and shoulders that remain sunkissed regardless of the amount of SPF you apply. Life will be good, great even.

But, of course, the current state of the world is so far from ideal that this is the stuff of pure fantasy – at the moment, anyway. Although just because there aren’t many events to wear a mini dress to, that doesn’t mean you have to be bereft of reasons to wear one. Largely because you don’t need a reason, just the urge.

So where will the urge take you? Aesthetically, that is. We know full well that – for the foreseeable future – you’re going nowhere fast bar a Zoom quiz you had to be cajoled into attending. The mini dress in its purest form is the LBD, but you’ve probably already got one of those. This is why we’ve chosen to hero little dresses that aren’t black. And it’s fortunate we did, their vibrancy makes even looking at them on a screen a thrill in itself.

Here’s to being marvelled at in one of them in the future – in unquestionably real life.

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