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The perfect uniform for an extended period of WFH


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So here we are in 2021, still required to work from home as part of the third lockdown. For anyone who was anticipating the return of their work wardrobe, this is disappointing – but for the rest of us it’s an ongoing opportunity to perfect our WFH uniforms.

The first instalment of WFH was something few people had time to prepare for. Within days, we went from deciding what to wear each morning to wondering whether to get dressed at all. For those of us required to attend Zoom meetings, this was swiftly followed by a fixation with waist-up dressing. Mercifully – when the whole office stopped bothering to turn their cameras on – this came to an end, but it didn’t mean we stopped caring about what we wore – we just stopped pretending that we wanted to wear things we didn’t.


After all, what are you trying to prove by wearing jeans and a nice top to answer a few emails in the privacy of your own home? That you work well under pressure, especially when the pressure is on your crotch? But we do get it, the alternative – of picking discarded soft fabric off the floor and hoping for the best – is slovenly. So what’s the alternative? For us, it’s a matching tracksuit.

Whatever its detractors may claim, there is no easier way to look comfortably well put together than in a matching tracksuit - wear one with conviction and you’ll look iconic. Some are even so luxurious – such as the ones by Olivia Von Halle and Extreme Cashmere - that it’s a struggle to view them as casual items of clothing and not the stuff of special occasions - but when they look this good, maybe they should be.

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