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They will look AMAZING on you


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We’re used to leather – leather shoes, leather jackets, leather bags. But leather trousers? Those aren’t so commonplace – but they should be.

We know, they seem like the most intimidating trousers known to humankind – and they are, but maybe that's why we like them. Once you overcome the initial discomfort – and you will – leather trousers are the best. To wear a pair is to live with conviction in your own power. Yes, everyone will stare, but since you – your bum, your legs, your gait, your attitude, your whole being – will appear so fabulous, you’ll want them to.


For obvious reasons, leather trousers have no business being anywhere near the human body in the heat of summer – the mere act of removing them is strenuous enough to tone your biceps. But with summer finally in the bin, now is the time to embrace them. Aside from making you look good, leather trousers are also very insulating. Since layering on your bottom half isn’t the easiest of tasks – and it’s about to get very cold soon – this is a blessing.

If you think you can circumvent our campaign with a declaration of your veganism, think again. Fake (or faux, if you’re feeling fancy) leather trousers exist in abundance – those by Nanushka and Stella McCartney are among our favourites. Though an undeniable classic, black leather trousers can be a bit intense for some of us. Again, that’s not an excuse to disregard them. From the pink leather suit trousers at Mowalola to Sunflower’s buttery – in both colour and texture – straight leg leather trousers, they can be a riot of colour if you know where to look and what brands to hone in on.

Anyway, we’ve got to go and terrify some men at the pub.

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